Tri County Soccer Classic

Unfortunately due to low team participation we have decided to no longer host the Tri-County Tournament. Hoping we can get more teams interested and host another tournament in the future.



Team Qualifications

  1. All tournament teams must be entered in a 2017 fall recreational league
  2. Teams are limited to the following maximum number of players on the roster that have played in both the recreational league along with a club or select team:
  3. - 1st through 4th Grade Division: 2 Players
    - 5th through 12th Grade Division: 3 Players

    **Club or Select team name must be listed with the player on the roster.

  4. In addition to meeting the grade of the division the team is entered, all roster players must also meet the following age requirements for the division they are entered:
    Grade 1: 8-1-10 through 7-31-11
    Grade 2: 8-1-09 through 7-31-10
    Grade 3: 8-1-08 through 7-31-09
    Grade 4: 8-1-07 through 7-31-08
    Grade 5: 8-1-06 through 7-31-07
    Grade 6: 8-1-05 through 7-31-06
    Grade 7: 8-1-04 through 7-31-05
    Grade 8: 8-1-03 through 7-31-04
    High School: on or before 7-30-03
    • Players may only be on one Tri County Classic roster
    • Entry fees are as follows:
    • - Pre-K/ Kindergarten - $100
      - 1st through 4th grade - $150
      - 5th grade through High school - $175

      Entry deadline is August 16th - Please register as early as possible so we can determine if we will have enough teams for each bracket.

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